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What’s a decibel? How do you work out the combined tog rating of carpet and underlay? How does Approved Document E affect underlays? What’s the difference between a vapour barrier and a damp-proof membrane?

The answers to all these questions and more are here in The Knowledge – in simple information sheets. You can read them online, download them for later or even print out your own database of PDFs for reference.

We want these pages to become your go-to place for underlay information, so browse them now and keep coming back as we add more and more knowledge and know-how.

Why? Well, as they say, Knowledge is Power.

Installation SECTION


Correct installation is vital in a flooring project. Product conditioning, adhesive selection, product compatibility and site conditions all play a vital part. In this section we focus on the key areas and give you tailored instructions for all our products in all circumstances.

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Acoustics SECTION


This section simplifies a complex subject. We explain how our specialist underlays work and how they help you comply with the latest Building Regulations and their different requirements. We explain about decibels, cover the difference between impact and airbourne noise, and reveal the secrets of getting the best results.

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Standards & Regulations SECTION

Standards & Regulations

What's the difference between British and European Standards? It's a good idea to know, in fact it's really useful to understand all the regulations that cover underlay manufacture and fitting. It helps you make the right underlay choice, and to fit for best performance.

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Recycling SECTION


Recycling is at the heart of what we do at Footfall and this section contains some amazing facts about the materials we use and the way we use them (accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, of course).

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Materials & Safety SECTION

Materials & Safety

In this section you'll find the Material Safety Data Sheets for all our products, health and safety information concerning the raw materials we use and advice on the handling, storage and installation of all our products.

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Performance SECTION


How do you know you've got the right underlay in the right place, with the right finished product on top? Here are simple, honest opinions on what we think is best.

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